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Pre-Crisis: Pt. 6

"In his detection-cloaked satellite headquarters, the Monitor nods, his dark-gloved hands flying almost effortlessly across a complex computer keyboard..."


Green Lantern #177 is a fill-in issue, but #178 begins exactly where #176 ended, with Congressman Bloch possibly getting more than he bargained for with The Demolition Team. His instructions are simple: “I want you to destroy Ferris Aircraft – wipe it right off the map!”


Seven pages later, Bloch reads a newspaper article that strikes fear into his heart. Green Lantern has recovered from his “permanent” coma. He exclaims, “My God, if Green Lantern is alive, he’ll be at Ferris to battle Rosie and her gang – and if he beats them, they can lead him right back to me! I’ve got to stop them somehow – before this ruins me!”


Guess who he calls to fix things? That’s right, Monitor.


But it’s too late. Having ignored his previous warnings, Monitor gives Bloch the cold shoulder. “…it is not my job to involve myself in your petty problems, Mr. Bloch. I am merely hired to put you in contact with various other clients of mine – and what transpires between you from that point on is none of my affair!”

In the “Letters by Lantern Light” column at the back of the issue, editor Len Wein responds to a letter from reader Jon Mulkern in the UK:


"…if you’re looking for cross-continuity, check out The Monitor, the mysterious figure who’s been so prominent in these pages of late. He’ll be popping up all around the DC Universe, in Firestorm, Superman, The Teen Titans, you name it, over the next several months, as a prelude to one of the most awesome events ever to affect the DC mythos. And if you think this is just hyperbole, you couldn’t be thinking any more wrong."


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Title: Green Lantern

Issue #: 178

Cover Date: July 1984

On Sale Date: 4-19-1984

Cover Artists: Dave Gibbons, Anthony Tollin

Writer: Len Wein

Penciller: Dave Gibbons

Inker: Dave Gibbons

Colorist: Anthony Tollin

Editors: Tom Condon, Dick Giordano, Len Wein

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