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The Red Tornado Saga: Chapter 10

At the end of a trippy adventure at "the carnival of souls" (see below), Red Tornado returns in the final panel...

Red Tornado explains his return:

The League is suspicious; however, he offers to submit to any tests they desire for him to prove himself.

I wish, more than anything, to abide once more with you – my friends.

Superman suggests asking him questions for which only the real Red Tornado would know the answers:

It’s a trick question! The version of the League’s origin to which Red Tornado refers has been kept secret from all later members. Suddenly, Red speaks in a different voice and creates a real tornado. The Construct, an enemy the League previously faced has taken control of him. When he ultimately collapses…

While the League seeks the Construct, Red Tornado comes to life again. He arrives to help, but the team members are again suspicious:

I am only an android! I am not “real” – not like you humans! I was made with machines – by your kind! But when I am alive, I live like you! I have my friends! I have excitement! I have just returned to life, for the third time! You must not turn me away!

Finally, Hawkman and the women Leaguers believe Red Tornado and convince the others. That’s a good thing because only he is able to confront the Construct and destroy it.

In New Zealand, Red Tornado teams with a local hero called Tuatara:

With my three eyes, I see in four dimensions – and the fourth dimension is time!

For the first time, Reddy whirls at the speed necessary to transport them into the far past to prevent a bomb from exploding in the present:



There’s an interesting subplot running through these issues of Justice League of America. I either never realized, or didn't remember, one of their “rules”:

It seems that for some time now, Hawkgirl has wanted to become a member. At the end of Justice League of America #146, her wish comes true.


In Justice League of America #146, we see two more movie references. The first is probably unintended:

...but the second is deliberate:

I've always thought the Super Friends book contained out-of-continuity stories; however, #8 clearly references events taking place in the pages of Justice League of America:

Red Tornado appeared in only one other Super Friends story, in Limited Collectors' Edition C-41 (Super Friends), in an untitled story that we now know as Wendy & Marvin Meet the JLA. Cover dated December 1975/January 1976, it hit the shelves on September 4, 1975, prior to Reddy's appearance in Justice League of America #127:

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