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The Red Tornado Saga: Chapter 11

29 issues after the fact, Red Tornado talks about how he and Hawkgirl are the most recent members of the Justice League.

Searching for Dr. Light. Red faces his hologram:

Red laments that he doesn’t have the human touch of Flash or Privateer:

When the identity of the villain, Star-Tsar, is discovered to be Snapper Carr, Red Tornado questions the logic for the League letting him go free:

Superman and Wonder Woman notice Red Tornado bickering with Privateer…

Yet Reddy fights the Star-Lords for his friends:

Realizing the advantages of being a machine, Reddy helps Green Lantern create...

...and shares his realization with other members of the League:

Ultimately, it's Red Tornado who identifies Privateer as the real Star-Tsar, not Snapper Carr.

Then, at the end of the story, he also reveals some human aspects:

Green Lantern brings Red up to speed on another story he wouldn’t know as a new member, the relationship between Ray Palmer (Atom) and Jean Loring.

In Central City, Red’s android body malfunctions, but Aquaman gives him a stern pep talk.

Later, he’s downed when he can’t bring himself to strike three women, even though they’re emitting the sounds that down him.

Red Tornado appears in only one panel in Action Comics #480. He's one of the Leaguers monitoring Superman's battle with Amazo:



Justice League of America #150 references a couple of stories from the past. When the team believes Snapper Carr has turned on them, Red Tornado reminds them that he's done it before:

The problem is, he wasn't there. In Justice League of America #74, he was still on Earth-Two. His next appearance was in #82, and... he was still on Earth-Two.


Then, it seems an old foe, the Key, has returned:

Red Tornado did participate in that adventure. In fact, it was in #110 that he first wore his new uniform, designed by Black Canary.


There are also references to The Brave & the Bold #114 and Justice League of America #41 and 114. And, finally, Flash mentions another Earth:

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