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The Red Tornado Saga: Chapter 12

In Justice League of America #152, Red Tornado and other League members are represented in the roll call with full body shots, not just floating heads:

From the JLA satellite, Red sees three shooting stars and thinks his sensors detect screaming. Superman accuses him of having an active imagination, but then, when he turns out to be right, Ralph (Elongated Man) tells him, “You’ve got good eyes!”

As Red and Superman investigate in the smoke-stung sky over the Middle East…

A small girl sits in the ruins holding a crystal globe…

The girl literally blows Red out of the sky.

Child, I know your loneliness and fear! I, too, am alone… and I, too, am afraid! Will you not help me… by letting me help you?

The League encounters Major Macabre while trying to locate the three mysterious objects from space. Red finds the three aliens to whom they belong and return their magical possessions. Then, for the second time (see Justice League of America #110), he experiences the true meaning of Christmas.


On board the JLA satellite, Wonder Woman, Black Canary, and Red Tornado witness their teammates Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Arrow, & Green Lantern vanish before their eyes. Wonder Woman asks if they were taken by an old enemy and Red replies:

Perhaps an android may have no true “feelings”…

When they realize that their friends may be gone forever…

It turns out the heroes have been transported to Earth-Prime, where comic book editor Julius Schwartz explains…

The presence of Ultraa, the first super-hero on Earth-Prime, is preventing the Earth-One heroes from returning home. However, the alien youth eventually sends them back.


After his absence in Justice League of America #154, Red Tornado returns in #155.


While serving on monitor duty, Red witnesses the sudden appearance of a new moon which wreaks havoc on Earth.

The struggle seems overwhelming… and I suspect, probably futile! I think there is… little hope for Earth’s survival.

Red appears in New Delhi, India to give Batman as assist. Then…

After they have overcome the challenge...


After the events of Justice League of America #152 (see above)…

Forgive me, my colleagues. I heard my name mentioned –

Later, he joins Atom, Batman, Phantom Stranger, in the Central Pacific, promising Traya he shall return for her…

As long as I exist… you will never be alone again!

Atom comforts Red after a temporary defeat:

You were plenty useful, Reddy. If one of us had been caught by that bone crusher — we’d be a heckuva lot harder to repair than you are.


After their adventure, League members give Atom advice for sharing his secret identity with Jean Loring and Red chimes in:

Next Week:


The Atom's wedding! with a galaxy of guest-stars -- including Supergirl!

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