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The Red Tornado Saga: Chapter 13

Red Tornado offers to pick-up Solovar Ray Palmer’s (Atom) wedding to Jean Loring. (She apparently invited him in Super-Team Family #14.) Green Lantern accompanies him, though.

In equatorial Africa, the two heroes rush Solovar away as a crisis brews. When Solovar asks Red his opinion of humanity, he replies:

Mixed! I cherish some humans as my friends, such as the girl Traya you will meet at the wedding. Other humans however are less honorable than—

Suddenly, Red is blasted by a bazooka from a helicopter. As per usual, he’s temporarily downed. However, later, just in time for the wedding…

Unfortunately, we don’t see Red in this wonderful wedding “photograph”:


With Justice League of America #158, the format returns to regular-sized instead of "Giant." It drops a dime in price and loses nine pages from the story.


When Red Tornado tells his fellow Leaguers that he does't understand the urgency of the latest crisis...

He then goes after the villain, Ultaa by himself and Superman says:

Red Tornado — attacking Ultraa… alone? That kooky computer — he’ll be annihilated.”

Not with an assist by Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Flash, he won't!

Reddy figures out what's happening...

...then does his part to end the crisis:


Although he appears on the splash page, Red Tornado is neither credited nor does he participate in the first part of 1978's JLA/JSA team-up extravaganza in Justice League of America #159:


There's good news and bad news for fans of Red Tornado in Justice League of America #160.


The good news is that he appears in, not one, but TWO panels in the second part of the 1978's JLA/JSA team-up extravaganza, even though he's waylaid like most of the rest of the team:

So he must have participated in one of the battles... right?


The bad news is we don't see him again until the last page when everything is back to normal...

...stoic, but silent.

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