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The Red Tornado Saga: Chapter 14

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

When Zatanna reacts unexpectedly to the Justice League’s membership invitation, Atom realizes she was really trying to warn them that the Warlock of Ys had possessed Green Lantern.


In Angkor Wat, Red Tornado suggests the team proceed with caution, yet charges right in only to be quickly attacked:

In a demonstration of how close Green Arrow has become to Reddy, he says:

Why does he keep doing that? Every time we get in a fight, he has to jump in first. I wish he’d bring up the rear for just once!

Black Canary thinks to herself, “Green Arrow always gets angry when he’s afraid for a friend.”


In the end, Zatanna accepts the membership invitation.


While the rest of the team investigates the disappearance of “Compound One” from a top-secret S.T.A.R. Research facility, Red Tornado and Elongated Man help Zatanna investigate her recent memory loss by transporting to her old house in upstate New York:


...and when Red Tornado is downed...


After the magician known as Zatara appears at the end of Justice League of America #162, the heroes tell him he’s got some explaining to do…

Red Tornado was almost destroyed because of you — we want to know why!

The reason has something to do with Sindella, Zatanna's mother, so father and daughter team-up to learn more.


Still recovering from events in Justice League of America #162, Red Tornado remains aboard the JLA satellite to become narrator of their current adventure.

On page 16 appears a set of six panels that emotionally depict Reddy's sense of loss:


Reddy wakes the recovering Green Arrow to report that the League has located Sindella in the hills of northern Turkey. He figuratively puts Batman to shame with the results of his own detective work, piecing together they mystery. The two heroes go into action...

"Guessing" had nothing to do with it, Archer. I examined the probabilities and concluded the obvious, Green Arrow! We fight!

After capturing Superman and taking him to the Anti-Matter universe, the Weaponers of Qward invade Earth and begin building a settlement.

What is that? A brisk wind sweeping in from the river? Our meteorlogical instruments forecast only the mildest of breezes --

Dang! Reddy kicks some Qwardian butt!

He then follows the Qwardians through their dimensional gateway…

…and locates Superman. With a little direction from the Man of Steel…

Later, Reddy contemplates Superman’s advice:



If you look at the top of Justice League of America #162 and 163, you'll notice some hype for Superman II. The comics hit the stands in October and November of 1978, and the movie would be released in June of 1981.

These "Movie Contest" questions appeared at the bottom of the letters pages:

Since these are questions #4 and #18, you have to assume at least 16 other questions appeared in other DC titles. Fun!

Speaking of fun, how about the first question for "the Answer Man?" Today, according to stashmycomics, it's worth $9.40. I wonder if "No Name Given" meant Detective Comics #27?!?

And, some Hembeck superhero humor is always a treat!

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