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The Red Tornado Saga: Chapter 15

There's a new editor with Justice League of America #166, Ross Andru, as Julius Schwartz leaves the book. He'd been with it since #1 back in 1960!

For at least one of the League’s members, home is a satellite orbiting 23,000 miles over the Earth, an unspeaking sentinel in the dark reaches of space… For the Red Tornado, masked android with the body of a machine and the soul of a man, home is the headquarters of the Justice League…

As he contemplates calling Traya at the orphanage in New York where he left her…

Those red boots on yellow legs indicate Reverse Flash, and sure enough, the satellite has been boarded by the Secret Society of Super-Villains! And Reddy is down for the count the rest of the issue..


After switching bodies with their Super-Villain counterparts, the Justice League returns to their satellite to check on Red Tornado…

…and far as Reddy is concerned, he’s just been awakened by his mortal enemies! Naturally he reacts – and naturally they react – and naturally the result is instant disaster!

In order to stop him, Star Sapphire/Zatanna tries something…


When we last saw Red Tornado, Zatanna had encased him in ice. Now…

Here in the headquarters of the Justice League, can be heard a sound peculiar to the vacuum of space: the sound of dripping…
Once, just once, I would like to act unimpulsively.

He gets a chance when someone arrives from Earth in the transporter…

…and Reddy saves the day!


As our story begins…

Unfortnuately, this isn’t a Justice League story, and although Red Tornado represents the team on the satellite, Wonder Woman battles the Royal Flush Gang all by herself.




These issues of Justice league of America contain a treasure trove of fun advertisements. I have nearly as many of them to share as I did panels from the stories themselves!


Have you ever gone to the movie theater and they've shown a trailer for the movie you're about to watch? That's kind of how I felt when I saw this ad for Justice League of America #166 in... Justice League of America #166:

All is forgiven, though, with the next set of ads. First, a contest:, a reminder that our heroes had adventures in newspapers as well as comic books:, a sweet reminder that Superman: the Movie was playing in theaters:

...and finally, Hembeck:

Some of these appeared again in Justice League of America #167, but so did some others. While I remember some later World of Krypton comics, I don't think I remember this three-issue miniseries:

...and I love the double-word play. Yes, Kryptonite rocks... rock!

Plus, another Hembeck:

These were without a doubt the good old days!

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