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The Red Tornado Saga: Chapter 16

The League is brought to trial by Ultraa, the super-powered menace that tried to incapacitate them back in Justice League of America #158. Superman tells the judge:

Your honor, you realize that there isn’t a force on Earth that can hold us for this trial – we’re here out of courtesy and respect… believe us when I tell you… Ultraa is a threat to all mankind!

Wonder Woman tells the team that to live in our world, we must respect it and obey its courts. As a crowd gathers, Superman predicts that tempers are going to flare. Then…

As ecological disasters and atmospheric disturbances rock the world, we learn that Ultraa’s attorney from the World Citizen’s Defense Society, Mr. Ernest Sloane, is actually the alien being, the Over-Complex. Ultraa, who had begun to think he’d made a mistake… that he could have been the League’s friend… learns about the villain’s plan…


Reddy attempts to explain why Ultraa has brought the team to trial at the United Nations:

Wonder Woman appreciates his kind words, but reminds him that they are on trial for illegally imprisoning him and she fears they are guilty as charged.


When the other team members begin to fight Ultraa, Reddy provides the voice of reason. Sure enough, Ultraa intends to join them in the larger fight against the Over-Complex.


Ultimately, it will be Batman who saves the day on his awesome… Jet-Cycle?!?

Yeah, I know there’s no Red Tornado in that image, but… Jet-Cycle!!! As Wonder Woman says in the last panel:


While investigating a Gotham City murder at the Gibson-Rand Research Center, Batman literally runs into Red Tornado:

When they both encounter monster robots…

Reddy rallies and provides Batman with an assist:

Reddy recommends they talk with Dr. Tarre, the foremost expert on robots at the Center. However, he has no memory of seeing him after he (Dr. Tarre) had an accident that left him bandaged in a wheelchair.


When another doctor restores his memory, Reddy realizes that Dr. Tarre planned to use Reddy’s technology to make bigger, stronger robots.


Fearing that he would only fail again, Batman convinces Red Tornado that he’s got to try to drain the circuits of the robots:



On the JLA Mail Room page in Justice League of America #169, Doug Taylor from Idaho State University asks when Reddy’s private life will be put back together:

I think he’s been in existence long enough to start over again. Even with Traya, he still hasn’t assumed a secret identity and hasn’t gotten back with Kathy Sutton. He should reveal his identity to her and find another explanation: a mission, a trip, or something else, for his disappearance.

Editor Ross Andru responds that these developments may have been occurring “off-camera.”

With the breakneck pace the JLA has been moving lately, you can’t blame us if we haven’t kept track of them. have you ever tried to follow a gillion super-heroes around, then try to tell what happens to them in seventeen pages? Didn’t think so.

Defensive much, Ross? At least that sour note goes away with the latest Hembeck:

In Brave & the Bold #153, we have gum and digests and Hembeck, oh my...


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