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The Red Tornado Saga: Chapter 17

Suddenly, an explosion rocks the JLA satellite. When Mr. Terrific is killed, Superman exclaims:

One of us is a murderer!

Superman places the murder investigation into the capable hands of the detectives representing Earth-1 and Earth-2: Batman and Huntress. This doesn’t leave much for Reddy to do other than provide tech support…


After skipping Justice League of America #173, Red Tornado doesn't even appear in the Roll Call for #174. He may be gone, but he's not forgotten:

Reddy, Aquaman, Atom, and Black Canary are all otherwise occupied and do not respond to the signal.


After barely appearing in the last two issues, Red Tornado is the star of Justice League of America #175. However, he stuns the team when:

And today, it seems, [New York, New York] captured one more citizen, albeit a man no stranger than most of those who stroll the strike-littered streets, though perhaps a touch more colorful than the average…

Reclaiming his alter ego, John Smith, Reddy picks up Traya and visits his former flame…

He’s honest with her and reveals his secret identity to Kathy. She doesn’t know what to say, but when Traya says, “I love him,” she says:

And how does Reddy feel?

Can an android love? That question has been answered before, for others, but for myself… I cannot say. I am a machine. Can a machine feel?

Kathy replies, “You care. You love. That makes you human.”


Meanwhile, Dr. Destiny has escaped from Arkham Asylum. When he attacks, Reddy springs into action. Then…


I'm not sure how Kathy felt when Red Tornado once again abandoned her, but he returns to the League and joins Zatanna in the search for Doctor Destiny. In India:

During a race against time as the clock ticks toward midnight, the team works together in multiple locations to stop Doctor Destiny. .



There's big news among the ads of Justice League of America #171: Action Comics is the first comic book in history to reach 500 issues:

Superhero glue sticks? I bet they're fun to use!

Reddy has a line in a Justice League of America subscription ad:

In Justice League of America #172, we once again see an ad for the comic we're reading:

Justice League of America #172 and 175 have Hembeck strips:

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