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The Red Tornado Saga: Chapter 18

When the “ghost” of Adam Strange possesses Hawkman, they visit the JLA satellite with a plan to separate them…

The plan works, but now the heroes must figure out how to get Adam home.


Continuing from World’s Finest Comics #264, Hawkman and Hawkgirl prepare an attempt to return Adam Strange to his home planet of Rann…

Ready to engage just as soon as Red Tornado signals from the Justice League Satellite.

We don’t see Reddy in this story. In fact, Adam Strange is returned to Rann on the first page and then the Hawks begin a new adventure.


When Firestorm becomes a member of the Justice League, Red Tornado notices Green Arrow’s reaction:

Now we have a new member, and by necessity, the League will change yet again. It is a time of reassessment for us all.

Tracing Firestorm’s JLA “signal-summons” to a deserted penthouse, the League encounters a giant fire monster…

As their adventure gets even more strange, Reddy is once again a voice of reason…

Afterwards, Red Tornado for a second time notices Green Arrow’s reaction…

Green Arrow doesn’t seem to share the general relief. I fear that there is trouble brewing with our friend, the bowman. But what form it might take… I cannot say.

Other Fun Stuff


For the summer of 1980, DC announced:

With renewed interest in the Justice Society of America, I enjoyed this ad for DC digests:

A reminder that, even in 1980, superheroes were a multi-media phenomenon:

Hembeck from Justice League of America #179:

One of several new beginnings for Wonder Woman that have happened since she first appeared:

No comment needed:

In a variation of the ad above, I don’t know about them “all,” but I’ll "lick" The Atom, Aquaman, Hourman, and Krypto. Well, maybe not Krypto...

Next week: the solo adventures of Red Tornado!

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