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The Red Tornado Saga: Chapter 21

Prior to the proverbial you-know-what hitting the fan, Aquaman and Red Tornado chat:


DC Comics Presents #42 is a strange team-up between Superman and the Unknown Soldier. However, when the Man of Steel goes to the JLA satellite for assistance, he finds only Red Tornado, who explains that when he arrived, the other heroes were gone…


In DC Comics Presents #43 Jimmy Olson summons the Legion of Super-Heroes to help rescue Superman from Mongul. In the meantime, the Justice League tries unsuccessfully fighting the villain and his Sun-Eater…


In the “super-sized, star-studded 200th issue” of Justice League of America, the five original members become victims of mind-control to locate and reassemble seven meteorites by which the foes of their very first adventure came to Earth.


Chapter 2: Aquaman vs. Red Tornado

Aquaman searches the ocean floor for a fragment when…

--you just made the mistake of your life!

Yet, the Phantom Stranger intervenes…

After other “team-ups” where newer members of the League fight the original members…

In Chapter 9, Aquaman, Elongated Man, the Flash, and Red Tornado do a proper team-up…

Finally, on page 71 of the 72-page epic…



Justice League of America #200 is a terrific issue and Red Tornado plays a key role, even though he's relegated to the back of the wraparound cover:

Well, so is Batman, so I guess it's OK.


For those who weren't familiar with the character, here's how he's introduced:

As gorgeous as the art is in this issue, especially the panel of the entire League shown above, it's this double-page pin-up by the late great George Perez from Justice League of America #195 that is the highlight of this week's post:

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