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The Red Tornado Saga: Chapter 22

It’s an ordinary day for members of the Justice League, such as Red Tornado…

Answering the JLA signal, Reddy arrives on the satellite to find a maelstrom. Hawkman explains that Batman was performing routine maintenance on the main power conduit when it short circuited and he disappeared.


They locate Batman on a gigantic alien ship…

…and ultimately rescue him.


When Killer Frost takes control of New York City, she demands that Firestorm bring her the love of her life, movie star Curt Holland. Firestorm refuses help from the Justice League for fear of what she might do in retaliation.

When Holland refuses to help, Firestorm and Red Tornado turn to Plan B…

Firestorm is keeping Killer Frost well occupied. Now it is my turn to act by activating the thermafrost freezer concealed inside my android form!

Once again, Reddy is missing from the annual Earth-Two crossover event, and this time it’s three issues long! However, we finally get one speechless peek at him… on the last page:


Ray Palmer (Atom) discovers that “X-Element” is decaying, disrupting all natural activity on Earth. The team divides into groups in an attempt to avert world-wide disaster.


In a city crippled by too much water because its vapor isn’t being absorbed by the air, Black Canary suggests that Red Tornado sweep the city with his super-speed vortex:


Continuing from Justice League of America #210, extraterrestrial “treasurers” offer to save our world by making a bargain. Red Tornado says:

I cannot help but feel there is an… unclean aspect to this transaction. Assistance should not be bartered for.

Superman pulls rank to ensure the “X-Element” gets back into the atmosphere:

As he plummets in the air, Elongated Man stretches (pun intended) the limits of his abilities to save him.

He’s successful, but Reddy finds himself in a familiar place: unconscious in bed on the JLA satellite.


Continued from Justice League of America. #211… As their teammates fight an alien invasion...

When they show up for an assist…

Never fear, the Justice League is here!




The story in Fury of Firestorm #4 is simultaneously dense and frantic. In a great panel that doesn't have a lot to do with the primary tale, we nevertheless get to see some cool Red Tornado action:

And while some may consider his guest appearance needing a character recap, I choose to believe it's an attempt to maintain continuity in the DC multiverse:

Finally, here's a peek at what other comics are being released, according to Justice League of America #211:

Next week: Into the Microcosmos!

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