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The Red Tornado Saga: Chapter 25

Red Tornado has merely a cameo during a Superman adventure:

…time for the annual team-up of heroes from two Earths!

(And it's the 20th anniversary team-up!)


When Johnny Thunder’s T-Bolt attacks the annual meeting of the JLA and JSA, Hourman states the obvious, “We have to… stop him.

For some yet-to-be-revealed reason, Thunderbolt incapacitates only the heroes of Earth-1. Since Black Canary and Red Tornado originally came from Earth-2, they join the other heroes from “home” in being unaffected.

When Black and Red follow T-Bolt to his home dimension they learn that he’s been controlled by the criminal Johnny Thunder of that dimension. The story ends with Black Canary staring at her own body incased in a “plastiglass” coffin.


Following events in Justice League of America #219…

Look, I hate to interrupt this little soap opera…but there’s a contest going on down on Earth-One and I wanna sneak a peek at it.

One part of the contest of which the Johnny Thunder doppelganger speaks is Huntress and Red Tornado battling Icicle and Dr. Alchemy on the back of the Nile…

This contest ends with Dr. Alchemy prepared to turn Reddy into stone and Icicle prepared to put Huntress into cold storage. However, in the Thunderbolt Dimension, the Earth-Two Johnny Thunder has waylaid his evil counterpart and T-Bolt has revived the members of the Justice League!


Superman tells the Justice League that Batman is trapped on an alien world that wants to conquer Earth. He takes Firestorm, Green Arrow, Red Tornado, Wonder Woman, and Zatanna to rescue him.


On the planet Olda, the heroes face the villain, Zeta:

It takes the combined might of the Justice League, the Outsiders, and the Teen Titans, fighting on different grounds, to emerge victorious!



In Justice League of America #218, we see a variation on the explanation of parallel Earths for new readers:

And there's a nice moment between Black Canary and Reddy, the two Earth-One heroes originally from Earth-Two. It suggests they knew each other pretty well:

Justice League of America #219 announces a new team title, Thriller. Contrary to the publicity, t's not like JLA, The New Teen Titans, or The Legion of Super-Heroes... because it ran only 12 issues (and I'm only vaguely aware of it...)

Details of the Superman III Movie Sweepstakes appeared in Superman #387. Is it too late to enter? My chosen prize would have been to not have Superman III at all!

Finally, Superman #387 also has a great ad for Monogram models. Monogram? What happened to Aurora? I don't know the whole story, but a cursory glance on the Internet shows that Aurora Plastics Corporation was sold in 1969 and, through various other owners, ceased to exist in 1980. I'm guessing Monogram had the Universal Monsters license in the earlier 1980s, if not earlier than that.

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