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The Red Tornado Saga: Chapter 26

Following the events of World's Finest #300, Batman and Superman bid farewell to the Justice League and the Outsiders...


Black Canary, Green Arrow, Superman, and Green Lantern fight a villain who’s able to not only match their powers, but exceed them. They take notes they find in his pocket to the JLA satellite…

This is Paragon, and Reddy has a legitimate question:

The team wisely realizes he’s unable to fight Green Lantern and Red Tornado because their powers are artificial.

Once again, teamwork has prevailed over raw power, as ever it should.

At the end of Justice League of America #225, the self-proclaimed “chief of the demons,” Hellrazer, was released.


Meanwhile, Hawkman, Elongated Man, Atom, and Red Tornado go to Morocco in search of a self-contained energy source, Luciferase, stolen from Ray Palmer’s lab.

Good thing Red Tornado’s an android… he won’t be embarrassed at wearing that Arab woman’s get-up.

They find the location and the villain Set, who says he is all things dark and evil. Reddy comments that his powers are uncanny… just before Set uses them to put him out of commission.


Following the events of Justice League of America #226, Atom figures that Luciferase acts as an occult catalyst and is being exploited by Fiatlux. The team attacks Lord Claw’s base, which is protected by genetically altered lizards:


After single-handedly defeating Parasite, Superman escorts Supergirl to an anniversary celebration:

Yep, that's Reddy's head sticking out from behind Superman's cape.




It wasn’t an issue in which Red Tornado appeared; however, there’s been another change in editorship of Justice League of America with #225:

When Hellrazer disappears with Zatanna in Justice League of America #226, we learn something very special about Oliver Queen: he watched David Letterman!

When this issue was published, the reference would have been to Late Night with David Letterman, which aired on NBC. Those were the good old days!

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