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The Red Tornado Saga: Chapter 27

Less than an hour ago, the monthly meeting of the League was adjourned -- and now, in various locations around the satellite, the others pursue their own interests…

When the Air Force shoots down an alien spaceship, Aquaman gets a little snippy with Red Tornado:

The Martian Manhunter is rescued from the spaceship and taken to the United Nations, where the Secretary comments that Mars is a dead world, utterly lifeless. Reddy responds, “That is true –“

J’onn explains that the Martians of “Mars II” are coming to conquer Earth. Reddy states the obvious:


As the bad Martians locate J’onn, Red Tornado watches from space:

When warships attack the JLA satellite, the “Challenger” boards:


As other team members join the battle against the bad Martians, Aquaman, Elongated Man, and Green Arrow tend to Red Tornado, who was knocked out of commission in Justice League of America #229:

We don’t see Reddy again until one of the final panels at the conclusion of the story, but at least we can rest assured that he’s been repaired and has returned to action:


After the crisis in Justice League of America #228-230, when the most powerful League members (Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern) didn't participate, Aquaman speaks at the United Nations:

Aquaman puts his money where his mouth is and gives his teammates an ultimatum:

And Reddy’s response?

This is a pivotal issue in the series, and a monumental shift for the team. As the Crisis on Infinite Earths brews, so does a new League, comprised of second-tier heroes, known today as “Justice League Detroit.”




The “War of the Worlds, 1984” trilogy in Justice League of America #228-230 features art by guest George Tuska. It’s a distinct change in the look, sometimes evoking Jack Kirby.


Exciting news for Red Tornado fans is revealed on the letters page (“JLA Mail Room”) of Justice League of America #228:

On the letters page of Justice League of America #229, Gary Thompson from Dearborn, Michigan, shared some thoughtful ideas about Reddy:

Then, editor Alan Gold responds and reminds us about the upcoming mini-series:

And that's what we'll visit next week!

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