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The Red Tornado Saga: Chapter 3

Comic: Justice League of America #82

Cover Date: Aug. 1970

Sale Date: June 11, 1970

Writer: Dennis J. O’Neil

Penciller: Dick Dillin

Inker: Joe Giella

Editor: Julius Schwartz


When Superman goes on a destructive rampage in Metropolis, then plunges to the ground unconscious…

When Batman begins choking, Hawkman summons the rest of the league, praying that someone can come up with an answer.


Meanwhile, on Earth-Two, we find Red Tornado moping around in space…

Instead, he is captured by an extraterrestrial… construction company?

We have a contract to build a new planet to our client’s specifications! To do this, we must build our own elements… and to do that, we must release tremendous amounts of energy! Indeed, so much energy that we need destroy two planets to accomplish it.

Creator2 further explains that Red Tornado is attuned to the vibrations of two planets and can be used to bring them together, destroy them both, and generate the energy he needs.

I foresee only a single possible difficulty! There exists a number of natives with extraordinary powers – they know themselves as the Justice Society! I have thoroughly scanned them and discovered their individual weaknesses!

When Creator2 sends five of his “men” to Earth to plant “matrix correctors” for the impending disaster, Superman spots one of them and Doctor Mid-Nite alerts the Justice Society. But…


As Creator2 witnesses the beginning of the end for two Earths, he says…

I have studied their history – a chronicle of war, slavery, brutality, ugliness… surely civilization loses nothing from the destruction of such barbarians!

Back on Earth-One, Atom determines what is happening, but Green Lantern discovers that the gap between the two Earths has “plugged” the passage between them. They need a common factor to stop them from being destroyed. Black Canary surmises that since she was born on Earth-Two but now lives on Earth-One, she must be the common factor.


Comic: Justice League of America #83

Cover Date: Sept. 1970

Sale Date: July 28, 1970

Writer: Dennis J. O’Neil

Penciller: Dick Dillin

Inker: Joe Giella

Editor: Julius Schwartz

Look upon one who does not speak – the android Red Tornado, asleep in the gap between dimensions… place there by aliens who cause the famed Justice Society to ask…

Where Valor Fails… Will Magic Triumph?


Creator2 cannot risk further meddling by the Justice Society and decides to attack them in their secret sanctuary.


On Earth-One, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) believes they can place Black Canary in another dimension where her vibrations could be harmonious and harmless. In space looking for such a dimension, Green Lantern spots Red Tornado…

I can’t be sure… but I’d bet my ring against a tin whistle that he’s positioned precisely between Earths One and Two – and that means… Reddy’s the link – not Black Canary!


On Earth-Two, member of the Justice Society experience defeats similar to their counterparts on Earth-One. Doctor Fate summons the Spectre from his tomb…

The Spectre blocks the dimensions with the ectoplasm that is his body… the stuff of his very being. Simultaneously, Doctor Fate and the Thunderbolt transport themselves inside the alien ship.

It’s a happy ending for all… except The Spectre…

At last, my soul is liberated… the traverse the limitless void – to know the ultimate peace, the final contentment – and thus do I atone for the sins I have committed… and those I have not –



Wow! An epic tale packed into two issues of Justice League of America. It’s also one of the crossovers between Earth-One’s Justice League and Earth-Two’s Justice Society… without the two teams physically meeting to work together.


A panel in Justice League of America #82 refers to the events of a story covered right here.

We’ve previously discussed how these Earth-One and Earth-Two crossovers must always introduce new readers to the concept of the two Earths. Penciller Dick Dillin and inker Joe Giella do it beautifully here:

I love the scenes of the Earth-One and Two counterparts being simultaneously disabled:

However, I need to research why Earth-Two’s Doctor Mid-Nite is considered Earth-One’s Batman counterpart when we later see Earth-Two Batman alive and well.


Finally, I did it last time and I’ll do it again. I must show this terrific add for the Aurora models:

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