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The Red Tornado Saga: Chapter 4

These issues were covered during "Wonder Woman w/o Powers" and "Metamorpho," so please click the links in the story titles below to re-read the synopses. This post is all about Red Tornado's role in the big JLA-JSA crossover...


Writer: Len Wein

Penciller: Dick Dillin

Artist: Joe Giella, Dick Giordano (#102)

Editor: Julius Schwartz

Issue #: 100

Cover Date: August 1972

On Sale Date: June 20, 1972

The Unknown Soldier of Victory

Although not officially a member of the JSA, Red Tornado is one of the heroes on hand when the Justice League of America visits Earth-Two...

Later, he's assigned to a team with the Flash and Zatanna and sent to search for a missing member of theSeven Soldiers of Victory...

We'll read about his adventure in Justice League of America #102...


Issue #: 102

Cover Date: Oct. 1972

On Sale Date: August 17, 1972

And One of Us Must Die

The Flash, Zatanna, and Red Tornado find their assigned Soldier of Victory, Speedy, on a small Mediterranean island. However, the Boy Bowman has become a centaur. They encounter the sorceress, Circe, who has turned ordinary men into hybrid animals.


Each of the three heroes is also affected:

Circe commands Red Tornado and The Flash to fight while Zatanna tries to find a way to stop them before they kill each other. She uses her magic to not only do this, but to also stop Circe and rescue Speedy. They rejoin the others on Earth-Two to celebrate their success.

But that's not the end of the story. The heroes still need to reconstruct the nebula-rod and deliver it by hand into the heart of the menace, but who can do it and survive (or not?)

A short while later, both Red Tornado and the nebula-rod have vanished. Hourman says...

All the time I put him down - considered him just a machine! He was more of a man than any of us.



In this classic three-part JLA/JSA crossover story, Red Tornado appears only on the cover of Justice League of America #102. It's fitting, because that's the part of the story in which he for the first time gets to participate in an assignment with two other heroes.


Will it be the last time? He seems to have met his end saving the world. Spoiler alert! He returns in Justice League of America #105 and appears in, not every issue, but many of them up through #230. There's a lot more of the Red Tornado saga to go...

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