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The Red Tornado Saga: Chapter 6

Red Tornado played a role in the reintroduction of the Freedom Fighters in Justice League of America #107 and Justice League of America #108. Click the links to read about these issues.

Red Tornado participated in a battle against Eclipso in Justice League of America #109. Click the link to read about this issue.

With Justice League of America #110, the title moved to the "100-page Super Spectacular" (for only $.50) format. It contained one new 20-page story and two reprints:

  • The Plight of a Nation from All-Star Comics #40

  • A -- as in Zatanna -- and Zero Hour from Justice League of America #51

In The Man Who Murdered Santa Claus, Red Tornado is one of only five JLA members to attend a meeting, along with Black Canary, Green Arrow, Batman, and Superman. On p. 5, we see an example of how the android is still struggling to learn about his new home:

In the Flash’s absence, Red Tornado speeds through St. Louis looking for a lock that fits a key and will prevent an entire block of innocent people from being blown to pieces:

After the adventure, Red Tornado is gifted with a new uniform that Black Canary designed and sewed herself (she was tired of the “drab, grim outfit” he’d been wearing.) The android also learns the true meaning of Christmas:

All right! There’s the Red Tornado I know and love with the bright, colorful uniform. Slowly but surely, he’s (I'm going to start calling "it", "he" now) becoming more acclimated to Earth-One and the JLA.

With Justice League of America #111, the title adjusted the format slightly by changing to a "100 Pages for Only $.60" format. Justice League of America #112 had one new story and three reprints:

  • Beware! The Black Star Shines from Leading Comics #2

  • Starman's Lucky Star from Adventure Comics #81

  • The Super-Exiles of Earth from Justice League of America #19

In War with the One-Man Justice League, Red Tornado joins Green Lantern and the Atom for a mini-adventure battling Amazo, who is able to defeat the three heroes:

Batman saves the day in this one, siphoning Amazo's molecules and draining him completely.

With Justice League of America #113, we were back to one new story and two reprints. The two reprints in Justice League of America #114 were:

  • (Detour) from Comic Cavalcade #18

  • Crisis on Earth-Three from Justice League of America #29

This format lasted through Justice League of America #116, when the title became a 32-page single-story comic for $.25.


In the Return of Anakronus, the titular character threatens to destroy Elongated Man and Red Tornado:

Obviously, the League prevailed.


Next time, Red Tornado makes a couple guest appearances in other titles, and continues his role as an active member of the Justice League.

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