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The Red Tornado Saga: Chapter 7

Action Comics #443 is a "100 pages for only $.60" comic that contained one new 20-page story and five, count 'em five, reprints:

  • The Ghost of the Deep (feat. Sea Devils) from Sea Devils #3

  • Revolt in Painted Canyon (feat. Matt Savage Trail Boss) from Western Comics #78

  • The Super-Brain of Adam Strange (feat. Adam Strange) from Mystery in Space #86

  • Amazing Thefts of the I.Q. Gang (feat. Hawkman) from Mystery in Space #87

  • The Man in the Iron Mask (feat. Black Pirate) from Sensation Comics #4

Presiding over a heinous group of supervillains is the Justice League’s arch enemy, Zazzala, the Queen Bee, who explains how they have rendered members of the Justice League inoperative.

That is, all but Superman, for whom they must all join forces to defeat. How do you think that goes once he releases his team members?

Note. Here’s a nice reminder of the times in the very first panel. Stardate -348168.3:

Red Tornado sees no action in Justice League of America #117; however, he’s present as Hawkman asks to re-join the team:

Note. There’s plenty of action in this one-page Twinkies ad, just in time for the Halloween season:

“John Smith” is avoiding the landlord due to a late rent payment when he receives an emergency signal from the Justice League. He, Superman, and Aquaman have their hands full:

Directed to three different corners of the globe, Red Tornado and Aquaman go to Venice, where the “adaptoids” they’re fighting transform Aquaman…

Note. For what I believe is the first time, Red Tornado is a floating head on the splash page of Justice League of America! (Plus, he appears on the cover.)

Resuming where Justice League of America #118 ended, Red Tornado and company watch from the JLA satellite as Green Arrow and Elongated Man get their “butts kicked”:

Red Tornado steps up in this story, watching the monitor, tracking the creatures, and taking decisive action to prepare a teleporter to rescue Green Arrow and Elongated Man. He remains on task when his teammates are distracted.


Note. You can’t help but appreciate this ad for The Amazing World of DC Comics, especially when it features the Justices Society and… Red Tornado’s namesake:

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