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The Red Tornado Saga: Chapter 8

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

When we last saw Wonder Woman (in Wonder Woman #204), she had regained her powers, returned to Paradise Island, fought Nubia, then traveled to New York City as Diana Prince, to become a translator at the United Nations.


Issues #205-211 consist of a couple new stories, several "re-imaginings" of Earth-Two Wonder Woman stories, and some reprints. However, when the Justice League of America wants her to return in #212, she's reluctant due to the fact that she still has no memory of her time without powers.


She agrees to return, though, if she can successfully perform twelve assignments, each monitored by a member of the JLA. The "Twelve Labors" story concludes in Wonder Woman #222.

  • In Wonder Woman #212, Superman watches her defeat the Cavalier.

  • In Wonder Woman #213, Flash watchers her encounter with a giant robot from outer space.

  • In Wonder Woman #214, Green Lantern watches her lasso bombs headed for Moscow.

  • In Wonder Woman #215, Aquaman watches her prevent war between the Amazons and the Atlanteans.

  • In Wonder Woman #216, Black Canary watches her keep a Greek tycoon from setting foot on Paradise Island.

  • In Wonder Woman #217, Green Arrow watches her topple the Duke of Deception.

  • In Wonder Woman #218, Phantom Stranger watches her battle Felix Faust, and, in the lead story...

John Smith, aka the Red Tornado, has gotten a new job as keypunch operator at a New York data processing firm and is pleased that the JLA saw fit to entrust him with the task of monitoring Wonder Woman’s latest adventure.


Red Tornado narrates Wonder Woman’s trial in panels such as these:

Red Tornado closes his report…

…with the recommendation that Wonder Woman rejoins the Justice League of America! What Celestris overlooked was that one should “never underestimate the power of a woman” – especially a Wonder Woman!

The trials continue in Wonder Woman #219 as Elongated Man watches her unravel a plot to brainwash feminist leaders, and in...

Elongated Man explains that after he gave his report at the last meeting, Superman flipped a coin to see who would monitor Wonder Woman’s next adventure. Landing on its edge, Hawkman proposes a contest for him and Atom… the first to spot Diana’s next crisis, monitors it.


Atom wins and watches Wonder Woman defeat Chronos; however, Hawkman claims to have witnessed her act during a second crisis at the exact same time.


The trials continue in Wonder Woman #221 as Hawkman describes watching her break free from imprisonment by Dr. Cyber. The issue concludes with Batman announcing that he knows why there appears to be two different Wonder Women.

Batman watches Diana break free of Wade Dazzle’s trap and fights the duplicate of her that the villain created.


While Red Tornado is clearly present when Batman announces the impending vote...

...he's nowhere to be seen as the League members vote unanimously to restore Wonder Woman to full membership in the team.


Note. These really aren't Red Tornado stories, but it's nice to see him get his turn as a monitor of Diana's trials. I'm sure he wasn't intended to be slighted by not appearing in the final panels of the story... right?

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