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The Red Tornado Saga: Chapter 9

When Adam Strange unexpectedly appears at a meeting of the Justice League, Red Tornado must extract data from his computerized memory bank to learn who he is:

Likewise, Adam hasn’t met Red Tornado:

At Port Jefferson Harbor, Red Tornado and Aquaman take to the sky and sea to investigate a mysterious cloud that’s changing shape:

Although we don’t see specifically how Red Tornado is saved, we learn on the last page that “Green Lantern has revived the other members.” Therefore, they are all present to witness Adam and Alanna of Ranagar become man and wife.

When Red Tornado’s costume spins him out of control during an attack at the United Nations, Superman whisks him to a place where his whirlwind can’t function – outer space.

His spinning’s already slowing down --

Red Tornado is then absent for the rest of the issue, except in the last panel when he and the rest of the Justice League watch Green Lantern charge his power ring.

Aquaman and Red Tornado report for sentinel duty on the JLA satellite in the middle of a crisis. Nekron has used a gas to make the other heroes unwilling to risk death for any cause. However, an android is immune to it…

Then, when Nekron is defeated by Wonder Woman using her lasso and Flash using Green Lantern’s ring…



Red Tornado has sacrificed himself... again, so maybe he'll return again? Spoiler alert: yes. However, it will be over a year later when a new writer starts on the book.


Blockbuster movie references become frequent in these issues of Justice League of America. For example, in #129:

There are two more next week, and one indirect, non-blockbuster reference. See you then!

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