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Wonder Woman w/o Powers Pt. 14: Wonder Woman #188

Diana (Wonder Woman) Prince and her faithful teacher, I Ching, have been pulled from the waters of Hong Kong Harbor by a British patrol boat… as the Chinese junk that was Dr. Cyber’s headquarters burns fiercely behind them and slowly sinks beneath the waves – the motorboat in which Lu Shan and the badly burned Dr. Cyber escaped recedes further into the distance…

As the authorities ask Diana if she has any proof that six “earthquakers” are scattered throughout Hong Kong…

As if an earthquake isn’t enough for Diana and Pat, they are pursued by Lu Shan and her crew. Hiding amid the rubble, the two are trapped. Meanwhile, Dr. Cyber makes an announcement on the airwaves…

What you have seen demonstrated here in Hong Kong can be duplicated by me anywhere in the world! My earthquake machines can level every city on Earth! The governments of Earth have but one way out – they must declare me supreme ruler of Earth!

Things get even worse…

…but Diana and Pat are able to “convince” one of Cyber’s “girls” to put an end to it.

When another earthquake begins and Diana shows her fist, the girl reveals the location of the other machines causing the disasters. Diana and Pat race to the last machine, assuming Cyber will be there. At the site, though, they fall into a trap door and soon find themselves chained in Cyber’s lair.


Cyber reveals her face to Diana (but not us readers), providing her an opportunity…

The fight that follows ends with Cyber falling backwards into the earthquaker where her hand touches a high voltage wire. Then…

This may be the end of Dr. Cyber, but Lu Shan watches with hate in her eyes,

I shall avenge you, Dr. Cyber – that I swear!

Afterwards, Diana learns that Ching has left the hospital to go after Lu Shan…

How can Diana follow I Ching in to China? A land whose borders are so closely guarded… and even if she does get in… how will she find one man in a county so vast?



This is another action-packed issue with death and destruction on a large scale. There are multiple races against time, causing the 20-page story to speed along toward its end. Plus, there’s a set-up for the next chapter as Diana continues her globetrotting adventures.


Artist Mike Sekowsky takes advantage of the pages to utilize a variety of panel sizes, a complaint I had about an earlier issue. There are even some full page splashes and half-page panels, all of which are very colorful, by the way, emphasizing black and blue shaded figures against backgrounds of red explosions.


Flipping through my copy, I realized that while I’ve been writing that there have been no letters columns, I may have just missed them. The one here, The New Wonderful World of Wonder Woman, is located in the middle, on page 13, instead of at the end. Nevertheless, we can now see how readers like what’s happening…


Jade Tani writes:

I like the way the new Wonder Woman looks and dresses, but I think she should have her super powers back… she is sort of dull without them.”

However, Cary Ward Hair writes:

I would like to say that I like the New Wonder Woman much better than the old one because now she’s with it. She’s in! She’s part of the new scene! Please keep her that way until another change is warranted.”

While there’s a difference of opinion, the letters page presents more favorable comments than unfavorable, Tani’s being the only negative. Interestingly, there’s another, perhaps more important, debate. Hair writes:

Please don’t give her a steady boyfriend, because we boys need a girl we can call our own… and why not Diana… she’s young and pretty…

Meanwhile, Kevin Spicer writes

Please have Diana fall in love with Tony Petrucci.

Title: Wonder Woman

Issue #: 188

Cover Date: May/Jun 1970

On Sale Date: 2-26-70

Writer: Mike Sekowsky

Penciller: Mike Sekowsky

Inker: Dick Giordano

Editor: Mike Sekowsky

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