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Wonder Woman w/o Powers Pt. 17: Wonder Woman #191

By an overwhelming popular demand we proudly present… Diana Prince as the New Wonder Woman and how and why she got that way.

After the men of Ranagor’s father’s army pull Diana and Ranagor from the moat into which they leapt, Diana witness the reunion of father and son. Later…

It all started… long ago… back when I was a super-being – back when nothing could hurt me, then – I decided – bet let me start at...

For the next six pages, Diana recounts events from Wonder Woman #179 (pp. 7-12 and pp. 13-22.)





Special issue, indeed, as the cover touts. That means a page-by-page, panel-by-panel, reprint of nearly the entire issue of Wonder Woman #179. Interestingly, the art has been recolored and seems more vibrant to me as it's reproduced here.


That leaves very little remaining for the main story. However, four pages are devoted to two other topics.


First is a one-page, four-panel oddity called Marriage a la Mode, which depicts interesting facts about marriage in different countries.


Second is a three-page “biography” of Marie Elizabeth Zakyrzewska, one of the Wonder Women of History. At least this makes a little sense for belonging.




There’s no letters column in this issue; however…

All right, readers – you asked for it, so it’s back – the feature that tells you what’s coming in the DC line – Direct Currents! As, as before, it’s brought to you by E. Nelson Bridwell (the Big E.). So, what’s new in the world’s most exciting comics? So much I’m bursting to tell you the whole thing… for example…

Titles advertised here are: Our Army at War #225, Son of Tomahawk #131, Aquaman #64, Batman #226, The Flash #201, House of Mystery #189, Our Fighting Forces #128, Jerry Lewis #121 and this milestone issue:

The big change hits World’s Finest with the November issue (#198). Instead of Batman, Superman teams up with the Flash this time… for a race to end all races! Who starts them on this marathon that leads right oft of our galaxy? You’ll be surprised! And you’ll also see Jimmy Olsen in one of the tightest spots he’s ever tumbled into. All this and more… so get it on Sept. 10!

Finally, if you thought last issue’s Aurora ad was awesome, check out this one!


Title: Wonder Woman

Issue #: 191

Cover Date: Nov/Dec 1970

On Sale Date: 9-1-70

Editor: Mike Sekowsky

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