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Wonder Woman w/o Powers Pt. 18: Wonder Woman #192

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

And now for the end of the trilogy we present: Assault on Castle Skull.

Diana, Ranagor and his father, the king, move their army into position in front of the castle. With every advance they make, though, they experience defeat. The Queen of Chalandor boasts of her “mighty, invincible walls.”

Diana has an idea and asks the king to meet with his three wise men. “She explains and describes certain ingredients to them in great detail.”

Diana’s new weapon, a cannon, sends the queen’s troops “back to the castle in a howling, frightened mob.”


The enemy counters by launching three of its fantastic flying ships, which Diana’s crude anti-aircraft guns are able to destroy. Then…

Finally, the day they have been waiting for arrives! Under the constant pounding of cannon balls – a section of the wall starts to crumble – then collapses…

Once breached, though, the army is met with a second and third wall and the queen’s reinforcements.

Long story short, after several more gains and losses, the good guys emerge victorious and the queen asks for mercy.



It’s an exciting enough issue, but I realized something about reading the adventures of plain old Diana Prince instead of her alter ego, Wonder Woman. They just aren’t as colorful. In place of her bright red, white and blue costume is nondescript, often white, clothing. In scenes without close-ups, she’s sometimes indistinguishable.


If not for her ideas that drive the attack, she’d be unnecessary during battle. If, like me, you were wondering what happened to Leda, she finally reappears with reinforcements after the battle is over. Diana then apparently makes a one-week trip to Paradise Island, depicted in a single panel where she says goodbye.


After this “trilogy,” I’m eager to return to some semblance of the new normal for Diana Prince. There are questions to be answered and loose ends to be tied. As I’ve stated before, if Diana is going to be powerless, I prefer stories rooted in the real world and not fantasies like this one.


My opinion differs from that of John Saint, whose thoughts were published on the letters page, The New Wonderful World of Wonder Woman...

Wonder Woman on Paradise Island, or Skull Castle, in fantasy settings -- This I enjoy most; this is where comics can go; taking imagination past physical limits. I don't like the Mystery-Espionage stories.

Title: Wonder Woman

Issue #: 192

Cover Date:

On Sale Date:

Editor: Mike Sekowsky

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