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Wonder Woman w/o Powers Pt. 26: Wonder Woman #200

Following Fellows Dill’s gun attack in the cold night, Diana flips him and tosses him into a tree trunk to render him unconscious. Jonny Double’s wound is superficial, so he and Diana revive Dill and the three follow his footprints, hopefully to shelter.


Along the way, they encounter a St. Bernard with what they think is a keg of brandy around its neck. It turns out that it contains explosives intended to kill Dill. Sadly, the dog disappears in a bright blast.


Stumbling upon a dilapidated shack, the trio is surprised to see that that the interior is lavishly decorated (although someone has damaged all the art pieces.)

Then, from the swirling winter mists, a bizarre aircraft appears, and drops toward the tiny structure…

Robed members of the Tribunal of Terror pour out of the aircraft and attack. They aren’t a threat for long, though:

Aboard the plane, Diana soon learns it’s being guided by remote control toward… Dill’s estate. On the ground, they’re greeted by women on motorized gyro-bikes. Diana uses some acrobatics to escape their assault:

Inside, the floor tilts and she’s dumped into a dungeon with other pretty women, all in a trance like Dill. Eventually, Diana wakes up in chains again and her captor is revealed:

Dr. Cyber introduces her associate, Dr. Moon:

I am a surgeon… misunderstood by society – as is generally true of great men! I have perfected the technique of transferring brains… from one body to another!

Moon plans to enact Cyber’s revenge by placing her brain in Diana’s body. An argument ensues about whether or not Dr. Moon should use anesthesia.

Forgetting Diana has mastered yoga and is able to hold her breath for four minutes, she springs from the operating table and knocks out Dr. Moon. Then…

When flipped over Diana’s shoulder, Cyber falls on a blade and dies. Double consoles a distraught Diana,

Baby, baby… you did her a favor! She was in torment… a pitiable creature driven to deeds she surely loathed-- --she’s finally at peace.



It’s an action-packed conclusion to the story begun in Wonder Woman #199, but somewhat repetitive with Diana being captured, waking up in chains, then escaping. Except for the reveal of Dr. Cyber, this could have been a one-issue story. And it’s certainly an unimpressive one considering this is issue #200. Where’s the fanfare or celebration of a milestone? I'm not sure how I feel about the sci-fi aspect of the story. Normally I'd love it, but here it feels like too little too late.


As with the last issue, the 52-page book includes a classic Wonder Girl story. I should probably have known this, but apparently these stories were about Diana as a child on Paradise Island, not about Teen Titan Donna Troy. I mean, that makes sense; I just never realized there were stories like these.


This month's story is Mer-Boy vs. Bird-Boy, reprinted from Wonder Woman #144 (1964.) Last month's was Battle of the Mermen, reprinted from Wonder Woman #111 (1960.) Both were written by Robert Kanigher, pencilled by Ross Andru, and inked by Mike Esposito.


There’s no letters column; however, Direct Currents returns with paragraphs describing other comics on sale at the time. The highlight for me during what didn’t seem like a particularly strong month was this:

Forbidden Tales of the Dark Mansion brings a chilling full-length mystery to you… seven people trapped together in an abandoned sanitarium… and one of them is a murderer! The question is… which? I won’t give you any clues; you’ll have to get #5, the June issue, when it hits the stands March 16 --- and find out for yourself! Remember, this Gothic is a complete novel – taking up the whole issue!

Title: Wonder Woman

Issue #: 200

Cover Date: May/June 1972

On Sale Date: Mar. 2, 1972

Writer: Denny O'Neil

Artist: Dick Giordano

Editor: Denny O'Neil

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