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Wonder Woman w/o Powers Pt. 27: Wonder Woman #201

Often, a day destined to end badly has a glorious beginning! Thus it is this fine spring morning, as Diana Prince and I-Ching stroll through the city…

Diana takes Ching to meet Jonny Double, but they discover the door ajar and the office in a shambles.

Suddenly… a closet door crashes open and the room is filled with danger.

Two men with knives attack them but are no match for the duo.

Later, Diana is exhausted…
Weary… so weary! …tired of danger… of battle... of wandering the earth! I have no reason to involve myself in Jonny's problems – none – except that he's brave, decent, honorable – and I care for him!

Diana finds a note on her pillow. More than a note, it's a threat.

This makes up her mind; she can't ignore Jonny's danger. Unable to afford a chase, Diana sells the boutique and hops on a plane with Ching. On board, the notice a strikingly lovely girl that seems familiar to Diana.

At the foot of a mountain somewhere in Tibet, the two adventurers explore a cave. On the other side, they discover a valley of warmth and beauty. Implanted in the forehead of a green Buddha idol is… the Fist of Flame! It's not unguarded, though…

Diana clasps the glowing stone, but she feels it putting a spell on her… sucking at her soul. She is unaware of a sleek figure swooping down from above.

The two women awaken suspended over a blazing pit. Equipped with swords, they must cut the ropes holding the other in order to be saved.

Great choice… death… or slavery! I can either kill the Catwoman… or die myself!

Diana arranges their escape by cutting Catwoman's rope, then grabbing her hand so the counterweight and pulley raises them. They then join forces to battle what Catwoman calls, "a herd of fanatics." Of course, they win, grabbing the stone and finding Ching. Catwoman believe that a gang led by Lu Shan, Ching's daughter, has captured Jonny.

Suddenly – even as Diana speaks, the wall dissolve around them – the very fabric of reality blurs… shimmers… and they are falling, falling… land softly… painlessly… and gaze up at two laughing faces.



Wonder Woman #201 marks another change in cover price, this time a reduction. At "Now Only .20," DC promises "All New Stories" and "The Best in Comics."


This one is an action-packed tale made more entertaining by the guest appearance of the Silver Age Catwoman. Diana's evolving attitude is troubling, though. Heroes don't often (or didn't then, at least) lament how tired they are, with or without super powers.


On the other hand, I like the acknowledgment that globe-trotting isn't cheap and Diana can't afford it. It may be a convenient plot point, though, that she can so quickly sell the boutique, and at a greater profit than she imagined.


The art is fluid, perhaps demonstrating the vision of one artist doing both pencils and inks. Diana's acrobatics and gymnastics are stunning, causing me to focus on them more than usual, when I usually study the words.


Title: Wonder Woman

Issue #: 201

Cover Date: May/June 1972

On Sale Date: Mar. 2, 1972

Writer: Denny O'Neil

Artist: Dick Giordano

Editor: Denny O'Neil

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