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Wonder Woman w/o Powers Pt. 29: Justice League of America #100

You are cordially invited to attend the greatest single gathering of super-heroes ever recorded  -- the 100th anniversary meeting of the Justice League of America.
On a lonely, windswept mountain peak, a solitary grave stands in mute testimony to the courage of a man – a warrior who fell in defense of his world – whose name is known only to God.
Now, after many long years, others come in s search of this doomed champion's forgotten identity, can even the greatest heroes of two different Earths uncover the secret of "The Unknown Soldier of Victory!"

Not in the orbiting satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America, but in the original mountain sanctuary, a long-disconnected phone rings. When Hawkman answers it, out pops The Atom!


As other heroes arrive late, Batman arrives with Diana Prince.

Just as they're about to slice the celebratory cake, the "hapless heroes" feel themselves falling through a void where they find…

Dr. Fate shows why he brought the Justice League to Earth 2: the giant hand of "The Iron Hand" holds Earth in its grip.

He has given us 48 hours to turn supreme domination of Earth over to him… or that fantastic fist will close – and crush our planet to atoms!

In desperation, Dr. Fate turned to his mystic crystal in hopes of a solution, but all it revealed was a grave. He suggests that combining his forces with those of Zatanna and Johnny Thunder's "genie-like servant," they may be able to pierce the veil.


Indeed, they contact Oracle, who shares that many years ago the Seven Soldiers of Victory battled the giant Nebula-Man. Suddenly, no one in the JLA or JSA can remember the Seven Soldiers. Oracle explains that they no longer exist…

Mighty were the forces unleashed in their climactic battle against the hell-spawned Nebula-Man – forces which tore apart the very fabric of their existences and hurled them headlong through time's infinite corridors!

The teams separate into seven groups, "seven bold chances for the salvation of a world…"

Good luck, Batman! I pray to Aphrodite that you won't need it!

In Mexico during the height of the Aztec reign, Dr. Fate, the Atom, and the Elongated Man find the Crimson Avenger, although he's become King of the Aztecs and has no memory of his true identity.


Meanwhile, the Iron Hand, looking more than a little like Vincent Price proclaims:



If the cover art doesn't sell it, the words at the bottom do:

The greatest gathering of super-stars ever recorded! The 10th annual team-up of the Justice League & Justice Society… in search of The Seven Soldiers of Victory!

33 heroes; wow! Justice League of America #100 features the annual crossover between Earths as the Justice League joins the Justice Society. There's a lot of exposition, then enough space left for an adventure of only one of the seven sub-teams formed to locate the missing Seven Soldiers of Victory.


How does a Wonder Woman without powers fit into a cosmic story of such scope? Does she play a pivotal role? Well... not in this chapter of the three-part story. It's nice that she's included, though, and that other titles acknowledge the fact that she's now human.


What's missing that would have been nice is a quick conversation between Diana and Wonder Woman of Earth-2. The latter is actually given less to do than the former, though, so maybe the creators didn't want to focus on their differences.


Title: Justice League of America

Issue #: 100

Cover Date: Aug. 1972

On Sale Date: June 20, 1972

Writer: Len Wein

Penciller: Dick Dillin

Inker: Joe Giella

Editor: Julius Schwartz

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