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Wonder Woman w/o Powers Pt. 3: Wonder Woman #180

A Death for Diana!

Less than an hour ago Diana Prince and Ching smashed the New York headquarters of the sinister Doctor Cyber! Now, as they make their way back to Diana’s apartment, a tall, grim-visaged man moves after them as stealthily as a shadow…

When the man starts shooting, Diana uses karate on him. However, it turns out he’s a good guy, trying to save her from Cyber’s “Sweeties.” A short skirmish ensues, but the bad guys escape…

Apparently, Doctor Cyber "nailed" Trench’s partner, Archy Miles, and he wants to join their fight against Cyber. Little do they know that Cyber watches… “schemes… and prepares a deathtrap” from his “fantastic fortress” that’s “hidden between looming submarine mountains on the floor of the ocean.”


A Death for Diana Chapter 2


Diana, Ching, and Tim Trench begin to formulate a plan…

Ultimately, you will be able to send your mind where mortal forms may not go!

Tim watches Diana train and says he’d rather put his faith in “a right cross an’ a lead fill!” That is, until Diana demonstrates a backflip and chop to the larynx. “Okay… okay, already! I’m convinced!”

Diana receives a call from General Hospital: Colonel Steve Trevor has taken a turn for the worse. She races to see him, but laments the time it now takes her when, as Wonder Woman, she could have flown to him in seconds.


She hops in a taxi, which ends up being a trap of Doctor Cyber’s. The driver jumps out as the vehicle hurtles off a pier.


A Death for Diana Chapter 3


It turns out that Ching and Tim have followed Diana. However, they can’t approach the hole at the end of the pier because they’re greeted by “a coupl’ a jeeploads of Cyber’s playmates.”

Cyber observes Ching and Tim defeat his thugs and Diana climb out of the water…

I underestimated her resourcefulness! And her courage! She may yet be valuable to my organization! First, however, she must be persuaded to join us! Put the alternate plan into action!

Diana gets a phone call from someone claiming to have information about Cyber. The trio drive to the abandoned Fass Mansion for a meeting. It’s a huge building that looks like a “left over prop from a Frankenstein movie!”


Inside, they encounter Steve, who was snatched from the hospital by Cyber’s mob.

Once again, Diana has been underestimated by the villain and his thugs retreat… with Tim. However, they leave behind one of their own for Diana and Ching to interrogate.


A submarine escapes the mansion and travels several miles to the palace of Doctor Cyber, where a stunned Tim Trench learns that the villain is “a strangely beautiful, wholly merciless woman…"




First, the cover’s a little misleading. Yes, Diana ultimately finds Steve in a new danger and lets it get the best of her. However, it’s not the focus of the story and again perpetuates the idea that she’s a slave to the love of a man. (The cover also has a new header: The Incredible I-Ching! and the New Wonder Woman.)


I didn’t note above, but earlier in the issue, Cyber’s thugs are revealed to be women. (I don’t know if they’re actually robots, but I get a strong Fembot vibe from them.) Therefore, the reveal that Cyber is a woman may not come as a surprise. It caught me off guard and I like the fact that we’re heading toward a showdown between two strong female leads.


Tim Trench is a colorful character and I like how he sort of trades places with Steve to become a pawn in Cyber’s game. I’m slightly curious, but not concerned, about what’s going to happen to Steve. We know he’s not going to die, but how big a part will he play in the ongoing story. With its nice shock at the end, I’m looking forward to the next issue…


Title: Wonder Woman

Issue #: 180

Cover Date: Jan/Feb 1969

On Sale Date: 11-5-68

Writer: Dennis J. O'Neill

Penciller: Mike Sekowsky

Inker: Dick Giordano

Editor: Jack Miller

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