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Wonder Woman w/o Powers Pt. 35: Justice League of America #69

The bizarre beginning of one of the Justice League of America’s most exciting exploits… A Matter of Menace!

A man in some kind of cell writes a note, folds it into a paper airplane, and throws it out between the bars of his window for a man named Charlie Sneed to read…

Across the city, police investigate a murder where the dead body is holding an archer’s hat and a green arrow lies beside it. A few yards away, Diana Prince quickly realizes that someone is trying to frame Green Arrow and leaves to report to the JLA. When Charlie Sneed connects the note he found with the murder, he calls the police.

The League barely has time to investigate as, one by one, they’re targeted by an unknown enemy…

We soon learn that the JLA is up against a villain known as The Headmaster. He tells the captive Green Arrow, Batman, and Flash…

After four years of careful planning, I am about to taste the ultimate triumph -- the vanquishment of the Justice League! If you make the slightest move -- any of you -- the electrical circuit which surrounds you will be broken -- instantaneously causing a bomb in a nearby village to explode! Then your bodies will be found nearby! Already, Green Arrow is branded a criminal! Soon, the whole Justice League will be hated, mistrusted -- and my minions and myself will be “heroes” for killing the “villains!” The entire nation will idolize me! I’ll be elected governor… president… dictator!

Needless to say, none of that happens. Atom saves the day!




This is a fun JLA tale; but with little more than a cameo appearance, it has precious little to do with Diana Prince (or Wonder Woman, for that matter.) She does make the cover, though, and it’s nice that the creative team acknowledges her status quo rather than ignores her.


The point I took from her brief interaction with League members inside the issue is that some of them do not know her secret identity. I’d have to do more research to know for sure, but why else would they not recognize her?


Title: Justice League of America

Issue #: 69

Cover Date: Feb. 1969

On Sale Date: Dec. 12, 1968

Writer: Denny O'Neil

Penciller: Dick Dillin

Inker: Sid Greene

Editor: Julius Schwartz


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