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Wonder Woman w/o Powers Pt. 36: Justice League of America #71

Two issues of Justice League of America after her last appearance, Diana Prince opens issue #71 (with Ching) by witnessing a man go berserk at a carnival. Don’t worry, the story isn’t out of continuity and acknowledges that she’s on a leave of absence from the JLA.

Batman and Green Arrow arrive to quiet the man. When he collapses, they remove his hat and glasses to learn that it’s… Martian Manhunter!

You better believe it! J’onn J’onzz has returned from obscurity to plunge the Justice League of America into its most bizarre battle -- and into disastrous defeat!

At the JLA’s “secret sanctuary,” J’onn explains his actions. They learn, as do we, that when he was originally brought to Earth, he was “a military-science leader engaged in fighting a world-wide civil war.” In J’onn’s absence, his opponent, Commander Blanx, leader of the Pole Dwellers, left Mars in “charred ruins.”


J’onn returned to Earth to get help from the JLA, but when he appeared at the carnival, his mind snapped. This is all buildup for an adventure in space, one that gives us these awesome panels:



Again, Diana has only a not-so-glorified cameo, but it’s nice that she’s remembered. She’s nowhere to be found at the carnival when Batman and Green Arrow arrive, though, leaving them to wonder who signaled them. With Ching also featured, this issue of Justice League of America is consistent with the continuity in Wonder Woman.


Title: Justice League of America

Issue #: 71

Cover Date: May 1969

On Sale Date: March 13, 1969

Writer: Denny O'Neil

Penciller: Dick Dillin

Inker: Sid Greene

Editor: Julius Schwartz


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