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Wonder Woman w/o Powers Pt. 37: The Adventures of Jerry Lewis #117

When a schnook realizes his lifelong ambition… when he comes face to face with the girl of his dreams, the idol of his imagination, the princess on the pedestal, what can he do but flip… which is just what happens when Jerry Meets the New Wonder Woman.

When Jerry waits outside the stage door where Diana Prince is going to make a personal appearance, he tries to be chivalrous, but…

Diana cannot go to just any doctor, you know...

In the next instant, three figures are hurtling through the misty dimensions to a plane where Olympus still exists.

They visit Dr. Carver D. Bratwurst: medical doctor, surgeon, psychiatrist (also sandals repaired.) She’ll have to give her knee complete rest, so Jerry is forced into action when Brawnhilde runs in to tell her Queen Hippolyta, her mother, has been seized by the evil Zodor, and he accidentally drinks a jug full of painkiller.


This is Jerry’s chance to prove himself! He wears the skin of Hercules. (His nephew says, “Jercules is more like it.”) Through dumb luck, he knocks out Zodor’s sinister emissary, the mighty Bulque, causing Brawnhilde to fall in love with him.

There’s still Hippolyta to rescue though. However, since Amazons will not follow a man into battle (not even Brawnhilde’s dear heart), Diana sends her to the beautician’s to borrow a wig that looks like her hair…

Through dumb luck… yeah, you know the story. Before long…



During its 124-issue run, 40 of them known as The Adventures of Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis, comedian Jerry Lewis encountered several DC superheroes. In #97, it was Batman. In #105, it was Superman. In #112, it was Flash. Talk about taking continuity seriously, even for a true “funny book,” when he met Wonder Woman in #117, it was as Diana Prince, without powers.


Well, it’s not within strict continuity. Liberties are taken with her still being able to zip to Paradise Island, as well as with some of its inhabitants. (Granted, it was 1971, but could the doctor not have been a woman?) Honestly, it could have been the same story whether or not Diana had her wonderful powers.


It’s a fun adventure. Even though Diana looks just like she does in the pages of Wonder Woman and Jerry is a lifelike caricature, the rest of the characters are cartoony, especially Jerry’s nephew, Renfrew. Nevertheless, I really like the style and the art. The story’s no throwaway, either, just good, silly entertainment.


Title: The Adventures of Jerry Lewis

Issue #: 117

Cover Date: March/April 1970

On Sale Date: Jan. 20, 1970

Artist: Robert Oksner

Editor: Murray Boltinoff


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