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Wonder Woman w/o Powers Pt. 38: Adventure Comics #397

Glooms, glums, blues, she had them all that weekend. Soon, Linda Lee (Supergirl) Danvers, drives her car through Stanhope and into Gotham City where she begins a tour of the city’s boutiques…

Investigating an event which causes a new student to lie in a coma at the hospital, Supergirl decides to infiltrate the group led by the mysterious and sinister Zond.

Dressed in the hooded costume of a Zond disciple, Supergirl makes her way to a glow showing in the near distance…

She’s soon discovered, though, and receives a beating, only to wake up the next morning with her uniform torn. That means only one thing: magic! She enlists Diana Prince to help her locate the good witch, Morgana. But before they go into battle, Diana says…

Neither of you can go out that way!

They ultimately fight Zond. Although Diana does not go into action, Supergirl borrows her moves:

It’s a short, 14-page story, so before you know it:



Ah, nothing like shopping to cheer up a girl! At first, I thought Diana was going to appear on only one page. I kind of liked that idea, really demonstrating how the DC Universe is interrelated. Instead, Supergirl returns to recruit her on page nine. Odd, since she's not really utilized during the big fight.


I enjoyed reading how another of DC's woman superheroes was being treated at the same time as Wonder Woman lost her powers. Diana Prince and Linda Lee Danvers share a fashion sense and love of boutiques; but, at least in this issue, we don't see the romantic entanglements that plagued Diana in her own book.


As for the super costume contest, I took a peek at Adventure Comics #398 to see if it was really incorporated. After a reprint from Action Comics #306 (The Maid of Doom,) the flow is abruptly halted by this page:

Not to let a dead horse lie unbeaten, the last page says more:

Sorry for the Supergirl tangent. It makes me wonder, though… what if DC had a contest to design a costume for Wonder Woman without powers. The white catsuit is iconic to me, but what if some young women, or future gay men, splashed a little red, white, and blue color onto it. It might have been fabulous!


Title: Adventure Comics

Issue #: 397

Cover Date: Sept. 1970

On Sale Date: July 30, 1970

Writer: Mike Sekowsky

Penciller: Mike Sekowsky

Inker: Jack Abel

Editor: Mike Sekowsky


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