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Wonder Woman w/o Powers Pt. 39: World's Finest #199

Diana Prince makes a one-panel cameo in World’s Finest #199. It’s the second part of a two-part story in which the Guardians of the Universe enlist the world’s fastest superheroes, Superman and Flash, to stop the Anachronids, faster than light robots.


As a result of events begun in World’s Finest #198, anomalies in time appear throughout the DC universe:

  • Jimmy Olson finds himself being accused of witchcraft during the Spanish Inquisition

  • An old-fashioned trolley car appears in Metropolis

  • Bruce Wayne and Alfred go to see a Peter Fonda movie, but get Rudolph Valentino instead



This is just the kind of appearance about which I wrote last week. I’ll say again how it indicates there’s some kind of cohesive DC universe and events in one corner affect locations and characters in other corners. I love it!


Title: World's Finest

Issue #: 199

Cover Date: Dec. 1970

On Sale Date: Oct. 27, 1970

Writer: Denny O'Neil

Penciller: Dick Dillin

Inker: Joe Giella

Editor: Julius Schwartz

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