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Wonder Woman w/o Powers Pt. 5: Wonder Woman #182

A Time to Love, A Time to Die!

Like the crack of doomsday… a shot shatters the still mountain air! Private eye Tim Trench, friend and ally of Diana Prince and her blind mentor Ching, has been offered a fortune by the evil Doctor Cyber… all he has to do is – shoot his companions! After a moment's thought, Tim grins, and…

…shoots. However, he misses on purpose. Telling Diana and Ching that he could never resist temptation, he boards the helicopter with Cyber's jewel box, warning them that next time he won't miss.


He abandons Cyber, though. Just when Diana thinks she has her captive…

Suddenly, from all sides, Cyber's girls converge, mounted on propeller-driven snowmobiles, and carrying sinister, hooded birds…

Using their wits and training, Ching and Diana aim karate blows to the birds' necks, striking to kill. They ultimately prevail, but Ching is wounded.


A man named Reginald Hyde-White stops to offer assistance, but Cyber is watching from a mile away and says…

As I foresaw… she has bested the falcons. It's up to Reggie now! He must not fail!

Reggie hires a private jet to whisk the threesome to London. When Diana says he shouldn't have gone to the expense, he replies, "As you Americans say… I am loaded!"


In London, Reginald offers to be their guide. He even takes Diana shopping for clothes because she'll be needing a swinging wardrobe.

Meanwhile, Ching enjoys some tea with an old friend, Won Lo. Well, he attempts to enjoy some tea. It seems his servant is an imposter and the tea pot she delivers is a ticking bomb. Won Lo joins his ancestors in "the sleep which knows no waking" and the imposter dies whispering, "…Cyber's treasure hunt… must be protected…"


On their way to meet Ching, Reginald makes a romantic move on Diana…

As an Amazon princess – as Wonder Woman – I had perfect control of my emotions! As plain Diana Prince, I'm human – too darn human!

When Ching mentions the imposter's dying words, Diana remembers hearing about a treasure hunt when she was at the boutique. Soon, the trio is headed for Lady Rothwell's home.


Whether it's due to her keen sense of danger, or the fact that Lady Rothwell points a gun at them, Diana deduces that she is one of Cyber's agents, and finds herself and her two companions locked in the basement.


In an instant, though, Diana uses one of her jewelry gadgets to obtain the key and the three are soon in pursuit of Lady Rothwell, following the first clue in the treasure hunt:

If you would know – first to Hardwicke Square – where lively two aitches and an o, will tell you where to go!

At a fountain in Hardwicke Square, Diana, Ching, and Reginald defeat three foes to read the second clue:

The clue you seek to end this game, is to be found in the cul de sac of bloody fame.

This time, when she predictably faces another set of foes…

Inside a Tudor mansion, Cyber explains that the treasure hunt was bait to lure its rich participants and their jewels into her lair.


Reginald is exposed when he pulls a gun, although he uses it to force Cyber to leave without any jewels.

Sick of Ching's wisdom, sick of everything, Diana flees, promising never to return and leaving Ching vowing to make Cyber pay for her crimes in full.


At the same time, far away, a tormented soul cries out in agony…

Go! And hurry! Tell Diana she must return to Paradise Island! Tell her – her mother needs her!



First of all, I love the bold colors of the cover. The red of Diana's jumpsuit really pops on a yellow background that simulates flood lights and complements the red of the header.


I'm not as excited about Diana's actions, though. I didn't realize that one of Wonder Woman's super powers was controlling her emotions. She's now being portrayed not just as a superhero without powers, but one without common sense. She's too easily seduced by Reginald, apparently only because he says he loves her. There's no indication she's falling in love with him.


When she asks, "What's happening to me," her lack of agency could have been explained with some type of drug or spell. I guess we can pretend that some outside force is responsible, but we're not given any indication that that's the case.


The issue has the characters galloping around the world and running into the same traps every place they stop. If the cliffhanger is any indication, it seems we're going to get a break in the next issue and Diana may return to Paradise Island…


Title: Wonder Woman

Issue #: 182

Cover Date: May/June 1969

On Sale Date: 3-4-69

Writer: Mike Sekowsky

Penciller: Mike Sekowsky

Inker: Dick Giordano

Editor: Mike Sekowsky

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