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Wonder Woman w/o Powers Pt. 9: Wonder Woman #184

Rallying her other’s Amazons to her, Diana leads them against Ares in a desperate attempt to stop him. Bravely they fight – but against such overwhelming odds as Ares throws at them – even Amazon braver and courage cannot prevail. Now, driven back into the mountains, Diana and her Amazons wait – wait for the battle they must fight – and the battle they know they cannot win –

The Last Battle

Diana explains to her captains that she will journey to “the other dimensional worlds” where the old heroes (Roland, El Cid, Siegfried, Lancelot, Arthur, and all the others) live and ask for their help.


In Camelot, Diana must interrupt a tournament to speak with King Arthur…

The heroes Diana seeks are obstinate, but Brunhilde and her Valkyries are honored to fight at her side.

The Amazons succeed in winning a small battle, but are not as fortunate the next day…

Driven ever backward until they cannot retreat another foot, Diana and her remaining Amazons and Valkyries prepare for the last – and for them the final charge! Suddenly…
Caught between the steel jaws of the Amazons and Valkyries led by Diana and the armored juggernaut of Roland – the army of Ares is caught in a terrible trap of no escape! The inevitable end now comes swiftly. Doom overtakes Ares’s army and his hopes of regaining his old power are totally crushed… as the remnants of his once mighty force flee in complete and utter rout!

But at what cost? Diana is carried back unconscious. Her mother awakes from her coma to tell them Diana is not dead.

As she recovers, and the rebuilding of Paradise Island begins, the time comes for Diana to part. Ching will remain behind “to study some of the ancient mysteries” there, but Drusilla travels the dimensions with her… back to Earth and “breathtaking new adventures.”




Paired with the previous issue, it’s an exciting two-part story that truly tests Diana’s limits as a mere mortal. Unable to stop Ares on her own, she knows when to ask for help and doesn’t give up when, at first, she doesn’t get it.


I don't have much else to say; please refer to my thoughts on issue #183... and come back next Wednesday for more of those "breathtaking new adventures!"


Title: Wonder Woman

Issue #: 184

Cover Date: Sept/Oct 1969

On Sale Date: 7-1-69

Writer: Mike Sekowsky

Penciller: Mike Sekowsky

Inker: Dick Giordano

Editor: Mike Sekowsky

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